Style Me Look Book

Style Me Look Book,  an inside look at Bridal Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, Lingerie, unique vintage bridal looks and the Parisienne Style Bride.  And the French say, J’ adore la mode, I love fashion.




Love Bridal Fashion, take a look at Favorite Pics.  Photo by Luna Photography



Style My Brides – Allyson Simone Designer and Fashion Stylist has been busy styling for magazines and her new Bridal Collection 2013 is on its way.  I wanted to do something modest and yet simple, flutter sleeves, charming little lace jackets and pretty laces.  The New 2013 Collection can be seen at Provence by Allyson Simone BRIDES – 937 South Coast Hwy. 101 – Encinitas, Ca. 92024.  To view the Allyson Simone Collections are by appointment.  Note: the new collection is not on the Web Site yet. 

Vintage Chic dresses and all lace gowns are a big hit for 2012.  Elegance and simplicity are among a brides favorite. Here we have Rosa Clara new lace dress from her collection 2012.  This lace is soft and elegant the fit is perfection and the cool color of that milky white will capture any brides delight.

Knee length WEDDING GOWNS are oh so Romantic and Classic a brides favorite submission of the pretty knee-length dress featured here.  As a Bridal Gown Designer I find the most simple and elegant dresses are all about the textile, when I do lectures for Fashion Colleges I always say… 

Even a textile wants to be something

Vintage Style’S 

Allyson Simone of Allyson Simone BRIDES started creating the Vintage Style Look back in 2009.   I was predicting a trend of soft romantics, vintage laces, in a yummy creamy color.  Chic, sexy and sweet.  It is now 2011 and it is the newest look most brides will favor for 2011 and 2012 dress styles. Get Inspired by the Vintage Chic Collection 2012 by Allyson Simone.

Victoria Dress below hand beaded with diamonds, pearls, and crystals.  Allyson Simone is know for her sexy bias style dresses adorn with the workmanship of this years Vintage Chic Styles.  Allyson Simone is a National Bridal Gown Designer as seen in over 400 Bridal Publication –   

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